Portrait Oil Paintings for Commission

Artist's Statement & CV

I love to paint; I especially love to paint people. There is a mystery about the painting of a face. Our brains are so attuned to faces that we read an enormous amount from very little. Often, less is more; it is not necessary or desirable to paint every exact detail. A photograph will give details better than any painting. In fact I often try to eliminate details in order to achieve the effect that I want. On the other hand every mark counts, a single brush stroke can potentially destroy a likeness. A portrait is different from all other pictures, it can be the most loved picture in the house, or if the face is fractionally wrong, it can be unbearable. Maybe it is the danger that gives me a buzz.

Whilst I would not claim to be completely self taught, I have no formal art qualifications. So you will have to judge my ability by my portfolio. In the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci, I am an artist/scientist. My formal qualifications are a B.Sc.in physics and an M.Sc. in radiobiology. My physics background gives me a deep understanding of the science of colours, and my biology helps me to understand the underlying structure of the face and body.

I have been voted a full member of the Reading Guild of Artists, and am a founder member of the Blewbury Art Group. I attend life sessions and workshops and join with other artists to paint outside during the summer. I continue to study art under various tutors as I think it is very important to meet and work with fellow artists, in addition to painting alone, in order to keep growing as an artist.